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Dream Dance Vol.01

cd 1
01.DJ Dado - X-Files (DJ Dado Paranormal Activity Mix)
02.Zhi-Vago - Celebrate
03.Zyon - No Fate (No Fate Edit)
04.Ronald Snypas - Children (Dream Phase l)
05.Groove Solution - Magic Melody (Original Club Mix Edit)
06.Quench - Dreams
07.Faithless - Insomnia (Monster Radio Edit)
08.Vernon's Wonderland - Vernon's Wonderland (A. C. Boutsen's Radio Edit)
09.Legend B. - Lost In Love (Spinclub Mix)
10.X-Cape - Neuro
11.Sarah - Lovin'You (Excess Club Mix)
12.Space Blaster - Magic Fly (Radio Edit)
13.Winc - Thoughts Of A Tranced Love (Yellow Pumkin Remix)
14.Moby - Hymn (This Is My Dream 7 Version)
15.Robotnico III - Can You Feel The Beat (Trance Mix)
16.Jens Lissat - The Future
cd 2
01.Dance 2 Trance - Power Of American Natives (Ethno Instrumental Mix)
02.Cosmic Baby - Loops Of Infinity (Contemplative)
03.Jam & Spoon - Stella (Original Mix)
04.Taucher - Infinity (Phase L)
05.Sven Vдth - L'esperanza (Single Edit)
06.Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
07.Degeneration - Una Musica Senza Ritmo (Natura Mix)
08.Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall
09.Onda Del Future - Terra'95 (Extended Remix)
10.Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (W. O. F. S. Club Mix)
11.Adiemus - Adiemus (Beta Remix)
12.Dj Hooligan - Space Girl (Original Mix)
13.Westbam - Celebration Generation
14.Rmb - Experience (Celvin Rotane Remix)
15.Members Of Mayday - The Day X (Video Cut)


Dream Dance Vol.02 

cd 1 

01.Doctor Twilight - Theme From Mission - Impossible (Dream House Mix) 
02.Robert Miles - Fable (Dream Version) 
03.B. B. Jones - Seven Days And One Week (Cosmic Edit) 
04.Zhi-Vago - Dreamer 
05.Ayla - Ayla 
06.Agent Vyper - Twin Peaks Theme (Club Vocal Mix) 
07.Imperio - Atlantis (DJ Dado Mix) 
08.DJ Dado - Metropolis (Club Mix) 
09.Caucasuss - My Dream (My Wish) 
10.Nitribit - Memories (Radio Chant Mix) 
11.Winx - Hypnotizin' ('96 Edit) 
12.Carl Cox - Sensual Sophis-Ti-Cat 
13.Jaydee - Music Is So Special 
14.Trance A 190 - Harmonica 
15.Nylon Moon - Sky Plus 
16.Unit - Who Do You Love (Adventure Dream Mix) 
17.Liquid Sky - House Trance Nation 

cd 2 

01.Sven Vath - Ballet-Fusion 
02.Paragliders - Oasis 
03.Cosmic Baby - Heaven's Tears (Jam El Mar Remix) 
04.Dance 2 Trance - Hello San Fransisco 
05.The Visions Of Shiva - How Much Can You Take ? (Emotional) 
06.Jam & Spoon - Follow Me ! 
07.Exit EEE - Epidemic 
08.Taucher - Miracle (Phase 2) 
09.Morgenroth - E Ela (Radio Energized) 
10.Primary - 2001 (Sueno De La Luna Mix) 
11.Luxor - The Big Bang 
12.Scooter - Cosmos 
13.Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul von Dyk's Lovemix) 
14.Westbam - Let Yourself Go 
15.Jens - Loops & Things (Remix) 
16.Awex - Wicked Plasticmen 
17.Tom Wax & Jan Jacart - Music Is The Only Drug (The Union Move Hymn) 


Dream Dance Vol.03 

cd 1 

01.Faithless - Salva Mea 
02.Trance X - A Neverending Dream 
03.Nomansland - 7 Seconds 
04.Ronald Snypes - One And One 
05.Groove Solution - Sweet Memories 
06.Solid - Fall Down On Me 
07.Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance 
08.Paul van Dyk - Beautiful Place 
09.Terra Ferma - Floating 
10.Kadoc - The Nighttrain 
11.DJ The Crow - Silencer I 
12.The Grooveman - Imsoniak 
13.P-Casso - Masterpiece 
14.DJ Panda - My Dimension 
15.Vector Mode - Secret World 
16.Magnetic Pulstar - Secret Love 
17.Sunshine State feat. Snake Davis - Atlanta 
18.M.R. - Walk On By 

cd 2 

01.Porn Kings - Up to No Good 
02.RMS - Reality 
03.Red S - Da Beat Goes 
04.Future Nestra - Why Don't You Dance With Me 
05.Love And Fate - Love And Fate 
06.Moby - Go 
07.Taucher - Waters 
08.Snapl - Do You See The Light 
09.Jam & Spoon - Right In The Night 
10.Intrance feat. O-sign - Te Quierro 
11.Ramires feat. Pizarro - Halando 
12.Yves Deruyter - Outsiders 
13.Mijk's Magic Marbie Box - The Wildlife 
14.The M. Experience III - Rock Your Body 
15.DJ Hooligan - It's A Dream Song 
16.Scooter - Rhapsody In E 


Dream Dance Vol.04 

cd 1 

01.DJ Quicksilver - I Have A Dream 
02.Red 5 - I Love You ... Stop! 
03.B.B. Jones - Flash (Power Edit) 
04.Three 'N One - Reflect 
05.Chicane - Offshore 
06.Futura Nostra - Keep The Fire Burnin' (Club Mix) 
07.DJ The Crow - I've Got No Time 
08.Manolo - Hells Bells 
09.Galeria - The Gael (We Gotta Party) 
10.Richard Cube - Trance Nature 
11.Talla 2XLC - The Eternal Mystery 
12.M - Pili Pili '97 
13.Drax Ltd. II - Amphetamine 
14.DJ Philip - Too Deep 
15.Epilepsy - Virtual Fever 
16.Move Inc. - Movin' 
17.Infinity - Timeless 
18.DJ Dado - Revenge 
19.Trance Opera - Ebben La Wally 

cd 2 

01.Robert Miles - In The Dawn 
02.Crusher - Encore Une Fois 
03.Sequential One - My Love Is Hot (Radio Mix) 
04.Brooklyn Bounce - The Theme Of Progressive Attack (Trip Mix) 
05.DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima 
06.Faithless - Don't Leave (Floating Mix Edited Version) 
07.Vertigo - Oxygene (Radio Mix) 
08.Milk Incorporated - La Vache (Regg & Arkin Mix) 
09.Future Breeze - Read My Lips (Temple Of Light Club Mix) 
10.Gorgeous - Don't Stop 
11.Nick Beat - Bow Chi Bow (Short Version) 
12.Goahead - Freebach (Anjuna Mix) 
13.Vector Mode - Meganomic 
14.Cygnus X - Positron (Long Version) 
15.Noise Maker - Moments 
16.Sandman - Coimbra (Original Version) 
17.Kosmonova - Raumpatrouille (Radio Edit) 
18.Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby (Original Mix) 


Dream Dance Vol.05 



cd 1 

01.DJ Quicksilver - Free 
02.Space Frog - (X-Ray) Follow Me 
03.Members Of Mayday - Sonic Empire 
04.Vertigo - Magic Eyes (Extendeded Club Mix) 
05.Red 5 - Lift Me Up 
06.Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Three'n One Radio Mix) 
07.Hypertrophy - Just Come Back 2 Me 
08.Three'n One - Sin City 
09.Disco Citizens - Footprint ('97 Revamp Edit) 
10.Max Deejay - Rhythm Is A Dance 
11.Marc Clement - Berlin (Last Station Mix) 
12.Paul Van Dyk - Forbidden Fruit 
13.Love Boots - Phantasize 
14.Central Seven - The Opera 
15.C-Mania - Dominating 
16.Kadoc - Rock The Bells (Sash ! Remix) 
17.Chiara - Nowhere To Run (Extended Mix) 
18.Zhi-Vago - Teardrops From Heaven 
19.Robert Miles - In My Dreams 

cd 2 

01.Brooklyn Bounce - Get Ready To Bounce 
02.Sequential One - I Wanna Make You... 
03.DJ The Crow - Piece Of Mine 
04.Sash - It's My Life 
05.Future Breeze - Illusion 
06.Jam & Spoon - I Pull My Gun Twice 
07.DJ Taucher - Atlantis (Phase lll Edit) 
08.Boy George - Love Is Leaving (Back Teeth Edit) 
09.Space Shuttle - We Have A Problem 
10.Marc Et Claude - La (Dream Dance Edit) 
11.Groove Club - It's A Dream 
12.Toss & Turn - Flexx-Ible (Rub-A-Club Mix) 
13.Interactive - Wake Up (Ventura Remix) 
14.Karma - Everyone (Magic Club Mix) 
15.Bruno Sanchioni - The New Age (Trance Mix Edit) 
16.Gary D. & DJ High-Ko - D.Trance (The Single) 
17.Faithless - Reverence (Monster Mix) 


Dream Dance Vol.06 

cd 1 

01.Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade 
02.Kosmonova - Ayla 
03.Tank - Can You Feel The Bass 
04.2 Eivissa - Oh La La La 
05.Space Frog - I Feel Ur Pain 
06.DJ The Crow - Fly Away 
07.DJ Sammy Feat. Carisma - Prince of Love 
08.Object One - Typewriter 
09.Sequential One - Dreams 
10.Brooklyn Bounce - Take A Ride 
11.La Voix - Up (La, La, La) 
12.G. Park - Come Down 
13.Three 'n One - Soulfreak 
14.Ramirez - Chupa, Chupa 
15.Beam & Yanou - On Y Va (Da Bomb Short Remix) 
16.Encore - Le Disc Jokey 
17.De Leon Feat. Myra - I Am What I Am 
18.Nalin & Kane - Beachball 
19.SM-Trax Feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline - Climp On Top 
20.Dolphin's Mind - The Flow (Deep) 

cd 2 

01.Sash - feat. La Trec - Sweat 
02.BBE presents Enter - Load & Save (BBE Radio Mix) 
03.Dr. Motto And WestBam - Sunshine 
04.Plastic Voice - Los Ninos Del Parque 
05.U.S.U.R.A. - Open Your Mind '97 (DJ Quicksilver Readio Edit) 
06.Hypertrophy - Beautiful Day (Dream Dance Remix) 
07.Sunbeam - Dreams 
08.Funkytown - Funkytown 
09.Red 5 - For This World 
10.Love & Fate - Deeper Love 
11.Celvin Rotane - Back Again (Don Esteban Remix) 
12.Nicolai - Ready To Flow (Sash! Remix) 
13.Mega 'Lo Mania - Circusclown 
14.Natural Born Grooves - Groovebird 
15.Marc Ferris - Don't Leave Me This Way 
16.Headroom - How U Feel 
17.DJ Dag - Braveheart 
18.Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon "Watch Out For Stella" Radio Edit) 
19.Future Breeze - Words 
20.Mezada - Back To Trancenation 


Dream Dance Vol.07 

cd 1 

01.DJ Quicksilver - Planet Love 
02.BBE - Desire (Age Of Club) 
03.De La Cruz - Tonight (In My House) 
04.Tank - Return Of Power 
05.Westbam - Hard Times 
06.Nalin I.N.C. - Planet Violet 
07.Kai Tracid - Your Own Reality (Energy Mix Edit) 
08.Three 'N One Pres. Johnny Shaker - Pearlriver 
09.Mr. X & Mr. Y - Free Me 
10.Sosa - The Wave 
11.Adrima - For Love 
12.DJ Kalpa & Marino Stephano - Dream's Harmony 
13.Kay Cee - Like This 
14.Komakino - Man On Mars 
15.Paralyzer - Bip Bip Bop 
16.T.O. - Diva 
17.Central Seven - The God Of House 
18.666 - Alarma! 
19.Polar Pop - Eisbar 
20.Superstring - Try It! 

cd 2 

01.R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments 
02.Dario G. - Sunchyme 
03.Koala - Australia 
04.Kosmonova - Take Me Away 
05.Sash! Feat. La Trec - Stay 
06.Dance 2 Trance - Power Of American Natives 98 (DJ Quiksilver Cut) 
07.K.Capone - Pain 
08.Dolphin's Mind - The Flow (Deep) (Underwater Radio Edit) 
09.DJ Phantasma - Welcome To The Club (Sequential One Radio Mix) 
10.Future Breeze - How Much Can You Take 
11.DJ Tomcraft - Mind 
12.Talla Vs. Taucher - Together 
13.Zyon - No Fate (Original Version) 
14.Viper - It's A New Day 
15.Jungle Kids - Back To The Jungle 
16.Brooklyn Bounce - The Real Bass (DJ Quicksilver Rmx) 
17.Silencer - Fantasy 
18.Vector Mode - Nightwalk 
19.Electric Fruit Orchestra - Rock Da Beat 
20.DJ Nervous - Close Your Eyes 


Dream Dance Vol.08 

cd 1 

01.Music Instructor Feat. Flying Steps - Super Sonic (Brainbug Mix) 
02.Members Of Mayday - Save The Robots (Short Cut) 
03.Space Frog - Lost In Space 98 (Single Radio Edit) 
04.DJ Looney Tune - Workstation (Work Da Video Edit) 
05.WestBam - Crash Course (Short Cut) 
06.DJ Tomcraft - The Circle (Radio Edit) 
07.DJ Quicksilver - Adagio (Club Edit) 
08.Aqualite - Outback (Original Radio Edit) 
09.Blank & Jones - Heartbeat (Radio Mix) 
10.U.S.U.R.A. - Trance Emotion (Noise Factory Edit ) 
11.Split - Perfect Bass (7" Edit) 
12.A.T.G.O.C. - Repeated Love (Radio Edit) 
13.666 - Diablo 
14.DJ Supreme - Tha Horns Of Jericho (Radio Edit) 
15.C.M. - Dream Universe (Marino.S.Space Mix) 
16.Bossi - Time To Make The Floor Burn (Super String Video Cut) 
17.Brooklyn Bounce - The Music's Got Me 
18.DJ Mo Vs. Marc De Clarq - Lunatic Child (Edit) 
19.DJ Silencer Vs. Zycro - Birthday Party (Radio Mix) 
20.York - The Awakening 

cd 2 

01.Carlos - The Silmarillia 
02.Da Hool - Back Home 
03.Dolphin's Mind - L'Esperanza (Moonwalk Remix Edit) 
04.DJ Ayla - Ayla-Part II (Radio Mix) 
05.Kosmonova Vs. Fiocco - Celebrate (Video Mix) 
06.Yves Deruyter - The Rebel (DJ Randy Radio Cut) 
07.Koala - Indian Spirit (Short Instrumental Cut) 
08.RMB And Sharam - Shadows (Original Short Cut) 
09.Van Bellen - Let Me Take You (On A Jounrey) (Radio Remix) 
10.Trance Atlantic Air Waves - Chase (Radio Edit) 
11.T2 - 8:15 To Nowhere (Taucher Radiomix) 
12.La Voix - Sunrise (Marino Stephano Short Cut) 
13.Final Transport - Enter The Trance Tower (Radio Edit) 
14.Sequential One - Imagination 
15.Superstring - Try It! (Club Radio Mix) 
16.Marusha - Free Love (Video Mix) 
17.Dr. Motte's Euphorhythm - Patrik 
18.Orinoco - Mama Konda (Original Radio Edit) 
19.Legend B - The Spirit (Orinoko Mix) 
20.Niagra - Cloudburst (Radio Mix) 


Dream Dance Vol.09 

cd 1 

01.Vengaboys - Up And Down (Airplay) 
02.Dr. Motte & Westbam - Love Parade 1998 (Short Mix) 
03.Storm - Storm (Radio Mix) 
04.R.o.o.s. - Living In A Dream (Vocal Radio Edit) 
05.Kai Tracid - Dance For Eternity (Radio Edit) 
06.Marc Van Dale With Enrico - Water Wave (Dj Quicksilver Remix - Single Edit) 
07.B.B.E. - Deeper Love (Radio Mix) 
08.Superstring - Liberate Yourself (Indepen-Dance Radio Mix) 
09.The Bronx - Wet Like The Rain (Alphabet Team Radio Cut) 
10.Kaylab - Take Off (Radio Version) 
11.Taucher Joins Mario De Bellis - Reach Out (Radio Mix) 
12.Inferno Djs - Tower Inferno (Bass Bumpers Radio Edit) 
13.Dj Red 5 - Da Bass (Radio Edit) 
14.Limit Feat. Dj Memet - Go ! (Radio Mix) 
15.Future Breeze - Another Day (Kai Tracid Mix) 
16.Koala - Planet Blue (Radio Vocal) 
17.Yves Deruyter - To The Rhythm (Radio Edit) 
18.Trance Atlantic Air Waves - Crockett's Theme (Killerloop Radio Cut) 
19.Culture Beat - Rendez-Vous (Superstring Short Edit) 
20.Dolphins Mind - Believe In You (The Whistle Song) 

cd 2 

01.Music Instructor Feat. Triple-M Crew - Rock Your Body (Brainburg Remix) 
02.Dune - Electric Heaven (Blank & Jones Club Cut) 
03.Paffendorf - Smile (US Radio Cut) 
04.Da Hool - Hypochonda (Male Radio Edit) 
05.Lovestern Galaktika Project - Galaktika '98 (Superstring Radio Mix) 
06.Ghettoblasta - I.O.U. (Radioedit) 
07.Absolom - Secret (Jimmy Goldschmitz Radio Edit) 
08.Cyrus & The Joker - Milky Way (Radio Edit) 
09.Dumonde - Tomorrow (Radio Mix) 
10.York - The Awakenning (Radio Edit) 
11.Fly, Peter - Oriental Dream (Trance Atlantic Mix Edit) 
12.Electric Nature - Electric Nature (York Mix) 
13.C.Y.B. - Unstopable (Apoteosis Radio Edit) 
14.Stephano, Marino - Eternal Rhapsody (Radio Version II) 
15.Elastique Culture - La Muzika (Video Edit) 
16.Effect - Follow Me (Radio Edit) 
17.Resistance D - Impression (Single Instrumental) 
18.Väth, Sven - Face It (Radio Edit) 
19.DJ Errik - Jam On The Moon (Trancemaster Cut) 
20.Nostrum - Brilliant 




Dream Dance Vol.10 

cd 1 

01.Niels Van Gogh - Pulverturm 
02.DJ Sakin & Friends - Protect Your Mind 
03.ATB - 9PM 
04.Beam & Yanou - Paraiso 
05.Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel 
06.Absolom - Where? 
07.Marc Van Dale With Enrico - Power Woman 
08.Sync In - Silent Breed 
09.Joe T. - Play With The Voice 
10.Resistance D - Human '98 
11.Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp 
12.Gorgeous - Love Sensation 
13.Billy Hendrix - Body Shine 
14.Miss Shiva - My Secrets 
15.Carlos - Rush Me 
16.Red Light District - Did You Hear Me? 
17.Sean Dexter - Mankind 
18.Fiocco - The Spirit 
19.Sash feat. Tina Cousins - Mysterious Times 
20.York feat. Jamila - Jastamba (Anspieltip) 

cd 2 

01.DJ Tonka - She Knows You 
02.DJ Quicksilver - Timerider (club mix) 
03.Orinoko - Vila Nova (Oriney Yassanely) (club radio mix) 
04.Dial M For Moguai - Beatbox 
05.Space Frog ft. The Duke - Die Unendlichkeit (Red Robot radio edit) 
06.Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 
07.Dolphin's Mind - Believe In You (The Whistle Song) (Aerospace remix edit) 
08.Talla & Resistance D - Hypnotic 
09.Headroom - Headcrash 
10.Sosa - Accelerator (DJ Taucher remix radio) 
11.Energy 52 - Cafй Del Mar (Nalin & Kane remix) 
12.DJ Visage - Formula '98 (DJ Beam video mix) 
13.Brooklyn Bounce - Contact (Vengaboys remix) 
14.C.M. - Sensation (Marino Stephano radio remix) 
15.Sequential One - Inspiration Vibes (airplay mix) 
16.Agnelli & Nelson - El Nino 
17.Plastic Angel - Simulation 
18.DJ Mo vs. Marc De Clarq - Eternity (For The Radio) 
19.DJ Wag & MR - Life On Mars 




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